Coursework: Media Making

During my first year at MMU I was asked to present three photographs. One was a regular portrait, one a landscape, and one a 'creative portrait' wherein unusual edits were encouraged. Everything here was shot on a Canon 700D provided by the University.

softly lit shot of girl holding bundle of fairy lights

Classic Portrait

When I set out to take this shot I wanted to create an image that used warm light effectively to create an intimate and personal atmosphere using a low-level backlight and a bundle of fairy lights as the main light source. Once I had a shot I was happy with I slightly increased the contrast and light and contrast in Photoshop, attempted some smudging with the colour setting to remove noise around the neck area (other methods seemed to have no effect) and applied a gaussian blur to the area around the subject to create an artificial depth of field, to emphasise the feeling of comfort and closeness the picture should create.

a street by manchester arndale during the day


I thought there was a sense of motion in this picture, with the tram moving in the background, people walking to the right and one man jogging to the pavement. I did make an attempt of removing a pole that blocked part of the main building, which while messy doesn't seem to draw too much attention from the rest of the picture and I felt better framed the image, so that the sign for Manchester Arndale is more clearly visible.

self-portrait of charlie with facial features warped using photoshop

Creative Portrait

This image features an effect of warped facial features which was accomplished through taking multiple pictures with the same angle and lighting, except in some shots I would pull or push a part of my face. In Photoshop these images were cut out to only the area I wanted to work with, lined up over the base image and an inverted mask applied to the layer, which I then went over and painted only the areas that I wanted to use. The image also uses an overlay of a mirror, which was originally just a picture of the mirror that I cut the inside out of, keeping features of the frame such as a string light switch and the bolt at the top of the mirror. Finally, a dust overlay was applied between the base image and the mirror overlay.